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Vision for Leadership!

By Mickey Keith on December 30, 20100 Comments

Proverbs 29:18 “Where there is no word from God, people are uncontrolled,
but those who obey what they have been taught are happy.” DARBY

“If people can't see what God is doing,
they stumble all over themselves;
But when they attend to what he reveals,
they are most blessed.” MESSAGE

“When people do not accept divine guidance, they run wild.
But whoever obeys the law is joyful.” NLT

“Where there is no vision [no redemptive revelation of God], the people perish; but he who keeps the law [of God, which includes that of man]--blessed (happy, fortunate, and enviable) is he.” AMP

Without clear vision, (open revelation of God’s purposes in life), people run wild, with no restraint, direction, rules or parameters.
Vision can come in three ways-

1. The Word- Romans 10:17- Hosea 4:6 “my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”. Proverbs 4:7 “Get wisdom…it is the principal thing…”

2. The Spirit- Romans 8:14 King David received instruction to build by spirit- Acts 2 “I will pour my spirit out…”Vision is the language of the Holy Spirit!

3. Exposure to another’s vision- Solomon/David; Elisha/Elijah; Disciples/Jesus Vision is better caught than taught-You know it’s a God-given dream when it’s TOO BIG for you without God. People will follow a BIG vision easier than a small one!
God has placed in our hearts a desire for greatness- to lead- to influence and add value to others. That is called Leadership!!

Leadership is simply defined as INFLUENCE-
In any given setting, one person is attempting to influence another.
Some think they will lead when they get the corner office, or the title, salary or recognition of others, but those are myths. The truth is-
You can lead right now…No matter where you are on the organization chart.
You can influence those around you for good, for God, in positive ways! Help them get ahead….Get under them, and help make them successful!

Zig Ziglar - “You can have any thing in this world you want, if you will help enough people get what they want”!

One of my favorite leadership proverbs is :
“He who thinks he leads but has no one following is only taking a walk!”

Who are you leading? Who is following your leadership? Where are you taking them?
Leadership can be learned. The skills necessary for great leadership can be acquired by anyone with a desire to learn and change.
Consider the areas of our society where the need for strong leadership exists: Family, Government, Business, and Church. These are all four of the areas of authority God has structured to guide, govern and guard our lives. Society is crying for strong leadership.

Everyone loves to be around a `visionary’…One of the elements attracting people to the campaigns of the top political candidates is their ability to “cast vision”. Crowds are thronging to hear them speak of a healthy economy, strong defense, secure borders, health care, etc…Whether they can or will deliver on their promises, people are drawn to a leader who can cast vision.

People buy into the leader FIRST, then into His vision!
Ronald Reagan became known as the “Great Communicator” because he spoke of victory over an `evil empire’, a strong military and financial prosperity to all.
People want to follow a leader who has the following characteristics-
1. Character-Speaks of integrity
2. Competence- Speaks of ability
3. Charisma-Speaks of attitude
4. Call- Speaks of Anointing
5. Connected to God & People- Speaks of accessibility

The greatest thing a leader can do for his followers is to cast vision-
The greatest thing followers can do for the leader is to help bring the vision to fulfillment.

Leaders will bond with people who desire to help them fulfill their vision, but are turned away from people who only criticize and complain.
Our Dream must be built out of motivation to help, build and love people.
It cannot be built purely on tradition, never on ego, or greed.
Let God paint a picture on the canvas of your heart today!
Feed the hungry- travel in missions- build great churches- strengthen families-help abused children-stop abortion- get a degree-run for office- take care of orphans- earn wealth for the Kingdom.

Feed your dream with faith-
Lee Roberts wrote- “If I’m on fire, my church will be on fire”
Your dream must be bigger than you; otherwise, you wouldn’t need God or others.
Learn to ponder the dream He places in your heart, like Mary; Don’t squander the dream like Joseph did before his brothers. (Learn who you can share your heart with…)
Your dream may be contrary to natural thinking- Josh 6:1-5 NIV
Often God will give you a vision-then a word- then provision, but YOU WILL face opposition to your vision!
Nehemiah 2:17 NIV “We cannot come off the wall; we are doing a good work!”
And as Joseph discovered, not everyone will love or follow your vision.

King David lost everything at Ziklag, but he encouraged himself in the Lord. He was only 6 days from destruction to the throne.

Steps to discover God’s plan and vision-
1. Let God redefine who you are.
2. Realize NOW is the time.
3. Don’t turn back or be afraid.
4. Clear Your Mind & Write down your heart’s desire.

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