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Mickey and Glenda Keith

Mickey and Glenda Keith

Pastor Mickey and Glenda Keith were married in 1978 and have been involved in full-time Christian ministry since 1980, serving as worship, youth and children’s leaders. They have also served as pre-school and youth camp directors and senior pastors.

For over three decades they have devoted their lives to reaching the lost for Christ and leading God’s people in many nations of the world. 

Both “foreign missions board” and “local agency board” memberships characterize their leadership. Pastor Mickey currently serves as President of Independent Assemblies, a national organization serving 1,000 ministers and 140 member churches. He oversees churches and speaks to church leaders around the world. The Independent Assemblies provides spiritual guidance, ministerial training and fellowship opportunities in many nations of the world as well. 

Keith has hosted TBN television in Oklahoma City and served as co-host of “Adventures in Faith” television in Ada for 12 years. He has also been heard on weekly radio programs. 

Mickey and Glenda Keith founded Life Community Church in February of 2006. This church is a dynamic group of people who demonstrate love for each other and for the lost. 

The Keith’s have four children and eight grandchildren. Mickey enjoys reading, swimming and riding motorcycles. Glenda’s hobbies include decorating, crosswords, and spending time with her grandchildren.